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Free Talk in Amherst on the Real Shakespeare

Upcoming event: October 22, 2015,  7-8 pm, the Jones Library, Amherst, Massachusetts

Join Newton Frohlich as he discusses his most recent book, The Shakespeare Mask, an award-winning historical novel.

The result of 15 years of meticulous research and writing, The Shakespeare Mask asks this compelling—and controversial—question: What if the author of the greatest works ever written in the English language wasn’t who we think he was?Continue reading

The Shakespeare Mask soon to be published in India

I am pleased to announce that The Shakespeare Mask will soon be published by Jaico Publishing Co. of Mumbai with distribution throughout the India subcontinent. Jaico advises that The Shakespeare Mask will lead its fiction list, and that its non-fiction list includes works by the Dalai Lama and Mr.… Continue reading

Newton Frohlich announces his new literary agent

I am pleased to announce that Nigel J. Yorwerth Associates has become my literary agent. A native of the United Kingdom, with headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, Mr. Yorwerth will focus marketing efforts not only on the continental United States but also on foreign countries like India where 25% of the 1 billion 200 million people speak English and the plays of Shakespeare are among their favorites.… Continue reading

Controversial new novel asks if we have the story all wrong

As Summer Shakespeare Festival kick off, controversial new novel asks if we have the story all wrong.

When he was researching his acclaimed novel 1492 (St. Martin’s Press), Newton Frohlich stumbled across an even more controversial moment in history, and evidence for a possibility he’d never considered: that the author of the greatest texts in the English language wasn’t who we think he was.… Continue reading

Praise for Frohlich’s “1492: The World of Christopher Columbus”

Praise for Frohlich’s 1492: THE WORLD OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: “Captivating…(an) extraordinarily vivid first novel…. Frohlich, an attorney, spent eight years researching this book, and brings remarkable realism to his chilling depiction of the fanaticism fueling the Inquisition…. This is a convincing, detailed recreation of the Old World on the brink of discovery.”… Continue reading