What readers have been saying about The Shakespeare Mask

By   January 31, 2015

Peter Wiederspan

This was one of my favorite books in the past year….I recommend it to everyone.

Robert Geims

…The Shakespeare Mask is almost as enjoyable as one of the Bard of Avon’s plays….What if you don’t like Shakespeare?  Not to worry. The novel is written in modern English and presents the life of one of the most interesting individuals to have lived in Elizabethan England….The Shakespeare Mask is a quick, interesting, thought provoking and eminently readable novel….It reaches for a high level of intellectual play.  I absolutely loved the Shakespeare Mask.

Elspeth G. Perkin

Mr. Frohlich knows how to weave a story. spark the curiosity of hits audience, and their desire to learn more.

Richard F. Whalen, author of “Shakespeare: Who Was He?”:

“Clever/imaginative merging/melding of fact and fiction…Will no doubt about it win over legions of readers with your appreciation of Oxford as a flesh-and-blood man of the Renaissance — and the author of the Shakespeare canon.”

Kelli Kohrherr, Librarian:

“I really enjoyed this book. I know that there are a lot of theories out there that William Shakespeare was just a pen name, but I feel that this one made the most sense to me. I would recommend this book to anyone, but most especially to those who enjoy the Elizabethan era and Shakespeare.”

Meagan Norris, Educator:

“Interesting and in-depth book on a controversial topic. As a great Shakespeare lover I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book at all, but Mr. Frohlich doesn’t present an argument, rather weaves a story that entertained, questioned and caused me to think deeply. I’d love to use this as part of a research/discuss with my students.”

Marc A. Pfeffer, M.D., Ph.D..”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your thought-provoking novel and, thanks to you, the name Shakespeare will a;ways reflect the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford. As a clinical scientist, I also have a better appreciation that, in the long run, the longevity of the work or contribution is a more appropriate yardstick than what is in a name. Congratulations on creating such an entertaining and scholarly novel that both allow one to be immersed in the period with the added bonuses of new insights.”